In the digital age, shouldn’t selling art be easier than this?

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NFTs make selling art both secure and simple

By acting as certificates of ownership, NFTs let you secure artworks’ authenticity, record their provenance, and ensure resale rights for your artists.

Instant cataloging

When your artists sign an NFT linked to a physical or digital artwork, it is immediately and permanently cataloged on the blockchain.

Secure certificates

Because NFTs can’t be stolen, forged, or lost, collectors can buy from you with confidence.

Fully-traceable provenance

Every transaction is recorded permanently on the blockchain, making it easy to trace provenance.

Guaranteed resale rights

If an artist’s work is tied to an NFT, they can receive resale rights for every transaction in the secondary market.
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The first
fully-curated platform for selling
NFT-Powered artworks

Showcasing physical and digital art to a global audience of collectors.
Step 1

Open YOUR account

When you open your account, we’ll create a crypto wallet you can use to securely store NFTs. No crypto knowledge needed.
Step 2

Upload artworks & Invite artists

Upload physical and digital artworks you want to sell. Next, invite the artist to certify their work by signing their NFTs.
Step 3

Sell privately or publicly

Securely send private invoices to your clients, or list publicly on our marketplace and get paid via card, bank transfer, or crypto.
Step 4

the sale

After each sale, your buyer receives an NFT in their crypto wallet which acts as the artwork’s certificate of authenticity.