When you became an artist, this wasn’t what you expected to think about.

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With NFTs, cataloging, selling, and certifying your art gets easier.

When you tie a physical or digital artwork to an NFT, its authenticity and provenance are recorded on the blockchain-forever.


When you list a physical or digital artwork tied to an NFT, it’s immediately cataloged on the blockchain.

Secure certificates

NFTs can’t be stolen, forged, or lost, so your art always has a clear owner.

Fully-traceable provenance

Every transaction is recorded permanently on the blockchain, so tracing provenance is easy.

Guaranteed resale rights

Whenever the NFT is transferred to a new owner, you automatically receive the resale rights.
Concept is

The simplest, most secure way to sell
NFT-powered artworks

A freshly-curated platform for physical and digital art, featuring selected artists and galleries.
Step 1

Open YOUR account

When you open your account, we’ll create a crypto wallet you can use to securely store NFTs. No crypto knowledge needed.
Step 2

Sign your NFTs

Certify your physical or digital art on the blockchain by signing an NFT that acts as a certificate of ownership and authenticity. Next, set up your resale rights in the secondary market.
Step 3

PROMOTE on your terms

List your work on Concept as an independent artist, or through a gallery that represents you.
Step 4

Stay on track

Receive notifications of sales, transfers, payments and more.