Half of the artworks in circulation are forgeries. Is this the best way to build your collection?

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With NFTs, collecting incredible artworks is finally secure. 

When a physical or digital artwork is tied to an NFT, you can be confident that it’s an original piece with transparent provenance.


Once the artist ties a physical or digital artwork to an NFT, its authenticity and provenance are recorded on the blockchain—forever.

Secure certificates

NFTs can’t be stolen, forged, or lost, making fakes a problem of the past.

Fully traceable provenance

Even if the artwork is resold multiple times, every transaction can be seen on the blockchain.
Concept is

The safest, simplest way to collect
NFT-powered physical and digital art

The safest, simplest way to collect NFT-powered physical and digital art

A freshly-curated platform for buying inspiring art from selected artists and galleries.
Step 1

Open YOUR account

When you open your account, we’ll create a crypto wallet you can use to securely store NFTs. No crypto knowledge needed.
Step 2


​​Receive private offers from artists and galleries, and in the near future, buy through our public marketplace.
Step 3


Complete your purchase with crypto, card, or bank transfer in our secure payment environment.
Step 4

Store and showcase your collection

Your NFTs are stored together in your crypto wallet and can be showcased on your public profile.